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Targeting breast cancer

UC Irvine oncologist Dr. Rita Mehta pioneered the now-routine use of chemotherapy on tumors before surgery
December 01, 2012
In 2003, oncologist Dr. Rita Mehta had "the kind of moment everyone lives for" — everyone, that is, who's working to find a cure for...

Beating heart failure

Preventing heart failure
December 01, 2012
To many people, the term heart failure conjures up an image of an out-of-the-blue emergency, a heart that has suddenly stopped beating. In reality,...

Advancements in radiation therapy mean better outcomes for cancer patients

Nilam S. Ramsinghani, MD, Radiation Oncologist
December 01, 2012
Radiation therapy has come a long way in recent years, both in success rates and patient comfort, says Dr. Nilam S. Ramsinghani, who leads UC...

Trevor Mackay, prostate cancer patient

Trevor Mackay prostate cancer patient
December 01, 2012
At 49 years old, Trevor Mackay was the picture of health—participating in Pilates, jogging several times a week and training for a triathlon....

Jonathan Barber, gastric bypass patient

December 01, 2012
Jonathan Barber, a 43-year-old certified public accountant from Tustin, Calif., struggled with being overweight most of his life. He even called...

Saving your skin

Dr. Kenneth Linden
December 01, 2012
Each year, millions of Americans develop cancerous skin lesions. The vast majority of these are easily treated and highly survivable, but some...

Dr. Emily Dow, a doctor dedicated to serving her community

Dr. Emily Dow
December 01, 2012
Ask Dr. Emily Dow why she decided to practice medicine, and the answer might surprise you. Twenty years ago, she was teaching English as a Second...

Kerby Mellott, gastric bypass patient

Kerby Mellot before and after
December 01, 2012
Kerby Mellott enjoyed being physically active all his life. When he was younger, Kerby loved to play sports. Tall, lean and athletic in his youth,...

What you should know about inflammatory bowl disease

C. Gregory Albers, MD, Gastroenterologist
December 01, 2012
More than one million Americans suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, but with individualized treatment and follow-up care, most of them...

Grant and Alexa Agamalian, NICU patients

Grant and Alexa Agamalian NICU Patients
December 01, 2012
When 43-year-old Dana Agamalian learned she was pregnant, she felt elated. When, at 18 weeks, she felt her twins’ first kicks, she thought...