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Beating heart failure

Preventing heart failure
December 01, 2012
To many people, the term heart failure conjures up an image of an out-of-the-blue emergency, a heart that has suddenly stopped beating. In reality,...

Kerby Mellott, gastric bypass patient

Kerby Mellot before and after
December 01, 2012
Kerby Mellott enjoyed being physically active all his life. When he was younger, Kerby loved to play sports. Tall, lean and athletic in his youth,...

Granville Kirkup makes a gift to endow stuttering center chair

Sidney & Granville Kirkup
December 01, 2012
As CEO of Irvine-based Telmar Network Technology, Granville Kirkup has proved both talented and exceptional in his business style. He rarely meets...

Tiffany Chancheya, hemangioma patient

Tiffany Chancheya, hemangioma patient
December 01, 2012
When Tiffany Chancheya was born in October 2005, she had a quarter-inch reddish mark on one cheek. Tiffany's parents, Tim and Samay Chancheya, grew...

UC Irvine Health opens a state-of-the-art pathology facility

Pathology Laboratory
December 01, 2012
It’s a place most patients at UC Irvine will never see—but it’s a critical component of their care. The new Laboratory Medicine...

Caring for the Latino community

Dr. Charles Vega
December 01, 2012
Dr. Charles Vega first walked into the UC Irvine Health Family Health Center as a medical school graduate eager to make a difference in his first...

Breast reconstructive surgery using your own tissue

December 01, 2012
Mastectomy, the removal of all or part of the breast, can be necessary in the treatment of cancer. After mastectomy, many women choose...

UC Irvine center unites digestive disease experts

Dr. Kenneth Chang
December 01, 2012
The UC Irvine H.H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center (CDDC) is one of the few facilities in the nation—and the only one in Orange...

Campaigning against elder abuse

Dr. Laura Mosqueda
December 01, 2012
Citing UC Irvine's award-winning Program in Geriatrics, the U.S. Administration on Aging has designated UC Irvine as the National Center on Elder...

Dr. Daniel Yanni uses key-hole incisions during surgery to reduce pain and recovery time for patients

Daniel Yanni, MD, Neurosurgeon
December 01, 2012
UC Irvine's Dr. Daniel Yanni was a teenager in a high school anatomy and physiology class when he decided to become a neurosurgeon. Fascinated by...