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Early and continued prenatal care can help prevent premature labor and complications

December 01, 2012
In a brief period of only 280 days, a baby can be conceived and born. During the first three weeks of pregnancy, the fetus grows from a...

Do I need a genetic counselor?

December 01, 2012
Meeting with a genetic counselor can be very helpful for pregnant patients with a family history of inherited disorders. But the best time to seek...

UC Irvine Health opens a state-of-the-art pathology facility

Pathology Laboratory
December 01, 2012
It’s a place most patients at UC Irvine will never see—but it’s a critical component of their care. The new Laboratory Medicine...

Dr. Samuel Bederman brings new hope for patients with spinal deformities

Samuel Bederman, MD, Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
December 01, 2012
As the son of a plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Bederman grew up surrounded by medicine. Now a surgeon himself, Bederman specializes in scoliosis and...

Dr. Ninh Nguyen is an expert in minimally invasive surgeries for the gastrointestinal tract

Ninh T. Nguyen, MD, Surgeon
December 01, 2012
Ninh T. Nguyen, MD, is a specialist in surgeries of the gastrointestinal tract. Nguyen is highly experienced in minimally invasive techniques....

William Sanders, cardiothoracic surgery patient

William Sanders, Patient
December 01, 2012
When William Sanders felt short of breath while climbing a flight of stairs, he knew something was wrong. Despite his advanced age of 75, he was...

Treatment options for parathyroid disorders

John Butler, MD, Surgeon
December 01, 2012
Problems involving the parathyroid glands can be treated at UC Irvine Medical Center with minimally invasive surgery and intraoperative hormone...

Caring for the Latino community

Dr. Charles Vega
December 01, 2012
Dr. Charles Vega first walked into the UC Irvine Health Family Health Center as a medical school graduate eager to make a difference in his first...

Campaigning against elder abuse

Dr. Laura Mosqueda
December 01, 2012
Citing UC Irvine's award-winning Program in Geriatrics, the U.S. Administration on Aging has designated UC Irvine as the National Center on Elder...

Cochlear implants provide hope for the hearing impaired

Hamid R. Djalilian, MD, Surgeon
December 01, 2012
Imagine being unable to hear music, ringing telephones, laughter, or the sound of a loved one’s voice. The world is a silent place for more...