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Transplantation Services

Diabetics, patients on dialysis and people whose kidney function is deteriorating can turn to the UC Irvine Health Transplant Services team for comprehensive, individualized kidney and pancreas transplantation.

As the only pancreas transplant program in Orange County, we offer patients with type 1 diabetes the potential to avoid daily insulin injections, which can make a substantial improvement in quality of life and life expectancy.

Our transplant specialists also treat patients who need simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplants.

As part of our multidisciplinary kidney transplant service, we offer a living donor program. This dramatically improves our patients’ long-term survival because kidneys donated by living donors function better and last longer than deceased donor kidneys.

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Our board-certified transplant specialists provide consultation and treatment for patients who have:

  • End-stage renal disease (including those who are on dialysis or pre-dialysis)
  • Diabetes
  • Deteriorating kidney function
  • Early kidney disease but in need of a pancreas transplant to improve blood-sugar control
  • Secondary complications despite medical management
  • Frequent hypoglycemic events despite medical management

Treatments and Services

Our transplantation team offers consultation, medical treatment and follow-up care for: 
  • Deceased donor kidney transplantation
  • Living donor kidney transplantation
  • Pancreas transplantation
  • Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation
  • Paired donor kidney exchange
  • Hand-assisted living kidney donation
  • ABO incompatible kidney transplant
  • Positive cross-match kidney transplant
  • Single incision laparoscopic donor nephrectomy (living kidney donation)

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At UC Irvine Health, our transplant team provides comprehensive, individualized care to adults and children who require kidney or pancreas transplants.

Multidisciplinary team

We work closely with nephrologists, endocrinologists and other medical specialists to ensure the highest quality care for patients awaiting transplantation, as well as for potential donors and those who struggle with complications after receiving medical treatment for renal disease, diabetes and blood-sugar control.


Working at Orange County’s only university medical center, our physicians are actively involved in research aimed at preventing organ rejection. They also are investigating the latest techniques in islet cell transplantation. As a result, our patients benefit from the most advanced protocols for successful kidney and pancreas transplantation.

Living donor program

Through our living donor program, our kidney transplant patients can receive a live donor kidney, which function better and longer than cadaver kidneys. This program has proven to extend the long-term survival of our transplant patients. We use the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques to ensure the living donor has a quicker recovery.

Our multidisciplinary transplant team is comprised of highly skilled specialists in transplant surgery and in diseases of the kidney and pancreas. We also work with anesthesiologists, pathologists, pharmacists, nurses, dietitians and social workers, all of whom are experienced in caring for transplant patients with diseases and disorders of the kidney and pancreas.

Our physicians include:

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