Student Research Programs

UC Irvine, UC Irvine Medical Center and the UC Irvine School of Medicine jointly encourage and support student participation in basic science laboratories and clinical research projects. Programs include the School of Biological Sciences BIO199 undergraduate research program and Student Research Intern Program (SRIP).

The BIO199 program enables UC Irvine undergraduate students to pursue independent research for school credit by conducting experimental laboratory, field or clinical research as an apprentice scientist.

Visit the School of Biological Sciences BIO199 website ›

Non-UC Irvine undergraduates and qualified high school students over 16 years old may inquire if research projects are available in the Student Research Intern Program (SRIP). For more information, email Principal Regulatory Affairs Analyst  Suzanna Park.

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The BIO199 and SRIP research programs located at the UC Medical Center and UC Irvine Campus are under the direct supervision of a School of Medicine faculty sponsor. For more information:

  • UC Irvine students

Please visit the School of Biological Sciences BIO199 website.

  • Non-UC Irvine students

Please email Principal Regulatory Affairs Analyst Suzanna Park.