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Covered California

There are two Covered California plans that provide full coverage for care at UC Irvine Health and our world-class physicians:

Blue Shield of California

Individual and family plans:

  • Blue Shield Platinum 90 PPO
  • Blue Shield Gold 80 PPO
  • Blue Shield Silver 70 PPO
  • Blue Shield Silver 94 PPO
  • Blue Shield Silver 87 PPO
  • Blue Shield Silver 73 PPO
  • Blue Shield Silver Seven 3750 PPO
  • Blue Shield Silver 1850 PPO
  • Blue Shield Bronze  60 PPO
  • Blue Shield Bronze 5550 PPO
  • Blue Shield Bronze 60 HDHP PPO
  • Blue Shield Minimum Coverage PPO
  • Plus all grandfathered individual plans

Small business group plans:

  • Platinum Full PPO (off exchange only)
  • Gold Full PPO (off exchange only)
  • Silver Full PPO (off exchange only)
  • Bronze Full PPO (off exchange only)


Individual and family plans:

  • HealthNet Silver 70 PPO (off exchange only)
  • HealthNet Gold 80 PPO (off exchange only)
  • HealthNet Platinum 90 PPO (off exchange only)
  • HealthNet Bronze 60 PPO (off exchange only)
  • HealthNet Minimum Coverage PPO (off exchange only)

Small business group plans:

  • HealthNet Platinum 90 PPO
  • HealthNet Gold 80 PPO
  • HealthNet Silver 70 PPO
  • HealthNet Bronze 60 PPO
  • HealthNet Bronze 60 HSA PPO

View more information about these plans on the Covered CA website ›

Individual and family plans and small business health options purchased outside of the health exchange are accepted.