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Three receive kidney transplants in latest live donor chain at UC Irvine Medical Center
February 26, 2015

Three Orange County people have received kidney transplants at UC Irvine Medical Center thanks to the altruism of an anonymous donor. Dr. Clarence Foster III said the donation started a three-way donor chain in which two people who were not tissue compatible with their loved ones could be matched with and donate to others who suffered from end-stage renal failure.

UC Irvine Health offers recently approved implantable obesity treatment
February 25, 2015

UC Irvine Health is the first health system in Orange County to offer a new implantable device that treats obesity by suppressing the appetite communication signals between the brain and stomach. The Maestro Rechargeable System sends intermittent electronic pulses along the vagus nerve, the pathway between the brain and the stomach that controls feelings of hunger and fullness. By blocking this nerve pathway, Maestro reduces feelings of hunger and promotes earlier feelings of fullness.

On the Road to Recovery
February 23, 2015
Ruben Barajas feared he’d be permanently paralyzed after a motorcycle accident in 2012. But today he’s back on his feet and working out regularly thanks to leading-edge surgery immediately after the accident.
Stabbed 22 times: UC Irvine Health trauma surgeon discusses patient's lifesaving treatment on TV
February 17, 2015

UC Irvine Health trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Lekawa will appear on the nationally syndicated The Doctors TV show to discuss the successful efforts to save the life of Holly McCrary, a young women who was stabbed 22 times during a horrific episode of domestic violence in December 2011.

UC Irvine Health first in Orange County to use remote heart failure monitoring system
February 10, 2015

UC Irvine Health is the first health system in Orange County to offer heart failure patients a wireless system that allows cardiologists to remotely monitor their pulmonary artery pressure and heart rate measurements. Heart failure is the progressive weakening of the heart muscle until it no longer pumps enough blood to meet the body's needs. It is a leading cause of hospitalization among adults aged 65 years or older. 

UC Irvine Health uses Rosa robot for complex neurosurgery
February 09, 2015

IN THE NEWS: UC Irvine Health neurosurgeon Dr. Sumeet Vadera talks about the use of the Rosa robot in complex brain surgery. He calls the device comparable to a GPS for the brain and uses it during surgery to treat epilepsy and remove brain tumors.

High school students invited to apply for 2015 Summer Surgery Program
February 05, 2015

The UC Irvine Health Department of Urology is once again hosting its summer surgery program for high school students at the UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange. This program allows students to gain hands-on experience in the fields of surgery and medicine.

UC Irvine Health women's cancer specialist honored for ovarian cancer research
February 04, 2015

The Society of Gynecologic Oncology honors UC Irvine Health surgeon Dr. Ramez Eskander with its 2015 Presidential Award for research into whether surgeons reliably assess the amount of tumor remaining after ovarian cancer surgery. His study found that surgeons underestimate the amount of tumor removed in 40 percent of debulking surgeries performed on women with advanced ovarian cancer. Such estimates may impact the course of post-operative treatment.

Health screenings through the years
January 29, 2015
As you go through life, your health changes and so should your healthcare. Getting the right screenings and preventive services at the right time can help you stay healthier longer. Call 877-UCI-DOCS (877-824-3627) to schedule your checkup today.
Colorectal cancer incidence rising among young adults
January 28, 2015

Colorectal cancer is increasing among young adults compared with people who begin screening at age 50. UC Irvine Health study also found increases among some ethnicities and that colorectal cancer tends to be diagnosed at a more advanced stage when it is discovered in younger adults.

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