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Diagnosing heart disease
April 11, 2014
Lois Wareham's severe heart condition may have gone unnoticed after standard tests failed to find the problem. However, the persistence of a UC Irvine Health cardiologist determined Lois suffered from blocked arteries.
UC Irvine Health-led MRSA study earns Top 10 Clinical Research Achievement for 2013
April 10, 2014
UC Irvine Health Dr. Susan Huang
A study on antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hospitals led by UC Irvine Health infectious disease expert Dr. Susan Huang earned a "Top 10 Clinical Research Achievement Award" for 2013 from the Clinical Research Forum.
Teen cutting a sign of emotional distress
April 10, 2014
Dr. Atur Turakhia, UC Irvine Health psychiatrist and medical director of the UC Irvine Health inpatient adolescent psychiatry unit
Many teens who cut, burn or repeatedly injure themselves are often trying to relieve stress or emotional pain, says UC Irvine Health psychiatrist Atur Turakhia, director of the UC Irvine inpatient adolescent psychiatry unit. For more information, please call 714-456-5902.
Child Development School
April 10, 2014
Child Development School

The kids at the Child Development School at UC Irvine love their pal Rusty, who would win a school popularity contest hands down if someone took a...

UC Irvine Health to host job shadowing and seminars for students interested in pursuing healthcare careers
April 09, 2014
The UC Irvine Health inaugural Summer Healthcare Experience will offer young women in high school the opportunity to explore healthcare careers by shadowing UC Irvine Health staff including doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, administrators, and other healthcare professionals.
Bone marrow stem cells show promise in stroke treatment
April 09, 2014
UC Irvine Health neurologist Dr. Steven Cramer

Stem cells culled from bone marrow may prove beneficial in stroke recovery, scientists at UC Irvine’s Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center have learned.

Mercury poisoning linked to skin-lightening face cream
April 08, 2014
Face cream
UC Irvine Health skin specialists are warning consumers to check labels carefully in the wake of a public health alert linking the use of a face-lightening skin cream to several cases of mercury poisoning in Orange County.
Hot tips to prevent your child from scalding burns
April 04, 2014
Burn safety for children

It can happen in an instant when small children are playing underfoot: An excited youngster moves suddenly and tips over a container of hot soup. A...

Image-guided therapy
April 04, 2014
Dr. Douglas B. Yim, UC Irvine Health chief of interventional radiology
If Dr. Douglas Yim, chief of interventional radiology with UC Irvine Health, has his way, your future doctor will be an interventional radiologist.
UC Irvine Health to recognize Michael Hayde with 2014 CEO Leadership Award
April 03, 2014
Michael Hayde, chief executive of Western National Group, to receive UC Irvine Health leadership award
Michael K. Hayde, chief executive officer of Western National Group, has been named to receive the 2014 CEO Leadership Award, UC Irvine Health’s highest honor, in recognition of his transformational impact on patient care.

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