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About the Samueli Center

The clinicians at the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine are devoted to improving the way medical care is delivered.

The center was established in 2001 with a generous gift of $5.7 million from Henry and Susan Samueli to take a leadership role in exploring the frontiers of complementary and integrative medicine.

Armed by evidence-based scientific research and education, our clinical providers integrate the best of Western medicine with scientifically proven, complementary and alternative therapies to attend to the body, mind, spirit and community.

Our pioneering model of care includes a wide range of clinical services, classes and training, all focused on restoring health and providing customized, thorough and enduring support over time.

Our approach

Every patient who seeks care at the Samueli Center receives an individual treatment plan designed to restore health and quality of life. Our patient-care strategy has several facets:

  • We work with patients to create a customized, long-term health plan that takes into account lifestyle, family medical history, personal medical history and more.
  • We design treatment and long-term care plans to ensure patients' physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  • We help patients incorporate effective strategies into their lives through medical treatment, meditation, acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, mind-body techniques and massage.
  • We ensure that patients have the tools and resources needed to incorporate these elements into their daily lives and help them lead a healthier, more mindful lifestyle.

Our mission

We see to promote integrative medicine by:

  • Conducting rigorous fundamental and clinical research on complementary healing practices
  • Educating medical students, health professionals and the public about these practices
  • Creating a model of clinical care that emphasizes healing of the whole person

Our vision

The center's vision is to be the pre-eminent national and international academic center for research, education and clinical practice in integrative medicine. 


Education in this field is also a high priority of the center. The medical community is becoming more interested in complementary or integrative approaches that embrace nonconventional medical interventions as part of medical treatment when they are supported by solid scientific research.

The Samueli Center is putting some of these approaches into practice. We also are working to educate both the medical and the lay communities about the benefits and risks associated with new approaches to the practice of medicine.


The Samueli Center is committed to research, education and clinical care. This tripartite mission mutually reinforces each area of activity.

The center's major area of emphasis is on traditional Chinese or Oriental medicine. This includes studies of acupuncture, herbals, qigong and tai chi.

The following is a partial listing of ongoing research areas at the Samueli Center:

  • Acupuncture and electro-acupuncture neurobiological influence on the cardiovascular system and blood pressure
  • Natural products in clinical chemoprevention and chemotherapy, mitochondrial antioxidant protection and neural-immune enhancement
  • Herbal longevity properties
  • Fundamental neurobiology of stress
  • Healing touch intervention
  • Dietary and exercise approaches to aging and dementia
  • Neurological and cardiovascular influences of qigong
  • High brain function in meditation
  • Mindfulness influences on workplace health and safety
  • Complementary and alternative medicine in healthcare delivery

Research at the Samueli Center is supported by a combination of federal and local grants as well as by endowments and philanthropic sources of seed funding.

Current research efforts include:

  • Anti-aging compounds
  • Acupuncture research 
  • Mindful health and safety in the workplace

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