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When it comes to the care of aging adults, we at UC Irvine Health SeniorHealth Services believe in combining the latest evidence with a compassionate, whole-person approach to healthy aging.

We are known worldwide for our groundbreaking research as well as our treatment and prevention programs. UC Irvine Medical Center is ranked 39th among the nation's top hospitals for senior care by U.S. News & World Report.

The UC Irvine School of Medicine's Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology is nationally recognized and respected for its advances, especially in training young doctors and providing resources and leadership to combat elder abuse.

Our physicians, nurses and other staff members are devoted to treating our patients with respect and compassion. We listen to and address the concerns and medical issues of our patients.

Working at Orange County's only university medical center, we are also committed to teaching medical students the principles of caring for older adults so that all future physicians understand the needs of older adults and treat aging patients with compassion, dignity and respect.

To make an appointment, call us at 714-456-7007.

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of aging adults and their families, including:

Primary care

Adults over age 50 can schedule an appointment with a UC Irvine SeniorHealth Center geriatrician for ongoing primary care or a consultation regarding specific health concerns. Physicians at the SeniorHealth Center provide a full range of services for older adults, including preventive healthcare and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.

Specialized care

Patients at the SeniorHealth Center see geriatric medicine specialists for many conditions specific to older adults, including memory loss, falls, frailty, urinary incontinence and functional decline. Older adults can see SeniorHealth Center physicians for one-time consultations or for primary care.

Memory Assessment Clinic

Have you ever misplaced your keys, forgotten a phone number or drawn a blank when trying to recall someone's name? For some people, this type of forgetfulness is a normal part of aging and generally not a cause for concern. When memory loss becomes disabling or interferes with daily living, it may be a warning sign of dementia.

There are many possible causes for memory loss. It's important to identify and address the underlying cause.

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Health Assessment Program for Seniors (HAPS)

HAPS is a comprehensive assessment for older adults with complex health concerns. In this two-step process, patients are first seen by team members including a geriatrician, geropsychologist, pharmacist, dietitian, social worker and occupational therapist. After the team assessment, patients and families return for a personalized family conference where team recommendations are reviewed.

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Learn more about our programs by calling 714-456-7007.

  • The SeniorHealth Center is a total-care center for older adults. Under one roof, we have primary care, short-term consultations, memory and health assessment programs and a team of senior-care experts, including psychologists, social workers, pharmacists, nurses, neurologists and psychiatrists.
  • The SeniorHealth Center is staffed by the largest group of board-certified geriatricians in Orange County and is supported by a team of healthcare providers who specialize in care for older adults.
  • Our geriatricians are physicians who have undergone several years of advanced training and are board-certified in the care of older patients.
  • Senior health services at UC Irvine Medical Center has ranked among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.
  • We are a national leader in developing a patient-centered medical home, which is a comprehensive model centered around the needs of patients.
  • We are proactive specialists in the evaluation and treatment of memory loss. Through our Memory Assessment Clinic, patients who have concerns about their memory are given a comprehensive exam that tests attention, concentration, recall, problem-solving and verbal skills.
  • Our innovative Health Assessment Program for Seniors (HAPS)  is the only one of its kind in Orange County. Through HAPS, patients are given a comprehensive health evaluation by an expert team, including a geriatrician. When the assessment is complete, patients and families return to review the team's recommendations.
  • Our IMPACT program, which identifies and treats anxiety and depression in seniors, is unique in Orange County. Sadness, irritability, sleeping trouble and changes in appetite can be signs of deeper problems; IMPACT helps address these issues.
Our team at the SeniorHealth Center consists of a wide range of healthcare professionals who work together. They are specially trained in caring for the older adult. Our team includes geriatricians (physicians who specialize in the care of older adults), psychologists, physician assistants, geriatric pharmacists, occupational therapists, nurses and social workers.

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UC Irvine Medical Center is one of the nation's best for geriatric care. Learn more ›

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