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Preparing for Your Child's Surgery

As a parent, preparing yourself is one of the best ways to help reduce your child’s anxiety about their upcoming surgery. When you feel at ease about your child’s surgery, your child will feel confident about it, too.

One of the ways you can prepare together is by learning more about what to expect on the day of surgery.

In the short video below, we will walk you through the pre-op and post-op process and introduce you to some of the healthcare providers you will meet the day of surgery.

Be sure to watch this video with your child and write down any questions you may have for your healthcare team.

Additional resources for parents

The Child Life Program also offers tips for parents on how to prepare your child for surgery ›

As an additional resource, we offer pre-op tours prior to surgery.

To schedule a pre-op tour or if you have questions about how to prepare for your child’s surgery, please contact the Child Life Program at 714-456-5299.