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Executive Health Program

Executive Health Program

The UC Irvine Health Executive Health Program provides business executives and health-conscious individuals the finest in personalized, world-class health examinations. No comparable program offers you more consultation time with a highly trained physician.

Together we create a plan to help you live longer, stronger and healthier.

Premier Health Exams are designed for health-conscious individuals who want a detailed evaluation of their current health. Our comprehensive core package of tests can be further enhanced with a number of advanced tests as requested by you or as recommended by your exam physician. Our goal is to provide life-extending, life-improving outcomes.

Executive Physicals are for busy corporate executives and leadership teams. We typically work with HR departments to tailor the timing, scope and pricing of a comprehensive set of tests to ensure the health and well-being of key executives. Our half-day exams offer privacy, efficiency and actionable results along with zero wait times.

Extended Care visits are an extension of our premier and executive health exams. They exist as an alternative to both the standard medical office visit and concierge medicine. Concierge medicine, when consumed by health individuals, often means purchasing access to more care than is required. However, many people want excellent patient-physician communication and a truly precision assessment of one's health. Extended care offers this. If you are looking for a convenient, personalized, and precision means of following up with a physician regarding health concerns, then extended care visits are for you. Note: This is only available to patients who are up to date on their annual premier and executive health physicals.

Travel Medicine is an incredibly important component of a busy or adventurous persons life. Ensuring your current health is satisfactory for flight, and that all proper vaccinations and other means of medical preventative care are ready for you and your trip is something we offer to all. Note: if you are thinking of preparing for a trip out of the country, book as soon as possible. Some vaccinations require as many as six months for the series to complete.

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Our physicians

No other team of physicians in an executive health program has more experience in prevention and risk-factor reduction than the physicians at UC Irvine Health.

  • Dr. Susan Heller is a board-certified specialist in internal medicine, offering more than 30 years of clinical experience. She believes in the importance of the time a physician spends with patients in order to help them understand and improve their health. Her focus is on both the quality and quantity of this interaction. The goal: forming a true health partnership with you.
  • Dr. Travis Nesbit is board certified in internal medicine and uniquely suited to prevention-based medical care. During his undergraduate training, Nesbit worked as a personal trainer where he developed a deep understanding of both the lifestyle and medical changes needed to produce optimal health and longevity. He maintains a highly active lifestyle, including his preferred physical activities of weightlifting and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Our affiliation with UC Irvine Health

We are the only such program in Orange County affiliated with an academic medical center. This means the discoveries our researchers are making can be introduced into our program years before they are available elsewhere.

We can refer you to any of the world-renowned physicians at UC Irvine Health in the event we discover a health concern requiring follow-up care. We can also coordinate care with your primary care physician.

Everything about your exam visit is carefully planned to maximize the impact on your health while using your time efficiently.

We provide all our services in the comfortable surroundings of our program center in Costa Mesa. There is no need for time-consuming visits to multiple facilities to complete your examination.

Although very comprehensive, your examination will typically be completed in less than four hours. Our evaluation is state-of-the-art and helps to detect any early signs of health problems.

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As part of UC Irvine Health, we offer the latest in prevention and risk-associated testing. Our goal: to help you to live longer, stronger and healthier.

We offer a comprehensive package of laboratory tests for all patients. Depending on your risk-associated needs or desire to be thorough, we can also perform advanced clinical, imaging and fitness tests under the supervision of a physician.

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Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine

The UC Irvine Health Executive Health Program is a part of the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine. 

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