Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Join us for our first semiannual normal pressure hyrocephalus (NPH) support group for patients and their families.

UC Irvine Health Neurosurgeon Dr. Jefferson Chen will discuss treatment options and answer questions. This meeting will also feature workshops, talks and interactive sessions.


To register for the support group, email

About UC Irvine Health NPH Team

The NPH team is dedicated to the development of clinical pathways that help guide you through the process of diagnosis and surgery. Our neurosurgery team is the only one in Orange County to use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to chart the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain and any unusual buildup. We are also the only neurosurgery team in Orange County that uses ShuntCheck III, a non-invasive device that allows our physicians to assess shunt function.

Once the diagnosis has be made, our highly skilled NPH team, led by Dr. Jefferson Chen, uses minimally invasive surgical techniques to insert a shunt that drains excess fluid from the brain. Our involvement with the perioperative home team allows us to facilitate anesthetic care and optimize medical condition prior to and after surgery.