Child Behavior Pathways

If you have struggled with managing a child's behavior, we can help. Our experienced professionals specialize in helping children ages three to five.

Child Behavior Pathways is a joint program between UC Irvine Health and CHOC Children's. Our nine-week parenting series utilizes an evidence-based curriculum that helps parents learn: 

  • Techniques to increase positive parent-child interactions
  • Tools for responding to common attention-getting behaviors
  • Approaches for preventing disruptive behaviors in the future
  • Strategies to foster children's attention, social skills and self-esteem

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Classes for parents with children ages 0-3 meet every Thursday at CHOC Children's in Orange.

Classes for parents with children ages 3-5 meet every Tuesday at Oak Grove Elementary in Aliso Viejo, or every Thursday at the Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Santa Ana.


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Registration Instructions:

Enroll in classes online at Child Behavior Pathways.