Security Compliance

The UC Irvine Health Security Compliance Program is designed to ensure that we assess and address the highest security risks to our electronic information.

Compliance activities include:

  • Maintaining audit logs of system accesses
  • Scanning systems for external intrusions
  • Providing education and training on security issues
  • Periodically reminding staff of ways to protect information

However, 90 percent of security compliance depends on individual staff members.You can help by:

  • Not sharing your passwords with anyone
  • Encrypting any files containing patient information that you are keeping on laptops, memory sticks and other portable devices
  • Creating strong passwords for accessing systems
  • Logging off computers when you are finished using them

When using computers in a shared area, make sure that you:

  • Log off when you are finished using them
  • Clear your screen of any confidential messages, such those sent through the paging system

Compliance Tips

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