Recruiting pregnant women for study of pregnancy and infant development

HS 2013-9681
Pregnancy, Pediatric
Curt A. Sandman, PhD and co-reseacher Laura Glynn, PhD

UC Irvine Health Women and Children’s Health and Well-being Project, 544 N. Cypress St., Orange, CA 92866

The UC Irvine Women & Children’s Health & Well-being Project is recruiting pregnant women to participate in the Pregnancy Experiences and Infant Development Study. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between mothers’ experiences and feelings during and after pregnancy and the development of their babies. 

You are eligible to participate in this study if you are currently pregnant with a singleton (no twins or multiples), intrauterine pregnancy, are at least 18 years of age, are English speaking, and do not smoke or use alcohol or drugs. In addition, you must have a normal uterus and cervix and must not have any liver, kidney, or endocrine disorders or any other physical conditions that require the use of corticosteroid medications. 

This study lasts from early pregnancy until approximately 1 year after birth. Participants will be asked to visit the study site at least six times during the study. Three of the visits will be during pregnancy and three will be with your baby after he or she is born. This study involves answering questions about mood and collecting saliva samples at home for four 3-day periods during and after pregnancy. The study also includes weekly at home questionnaires (answered using a smart phone) throughout pregnancy and the first few months after the baby is born.

There are no anticipated benefits for you or your baby. Your participation may help others learn more about how pregnancy and early life affect emotional and mental health and development in children.

You will receive $100 for the first visit and $50 for each of the remaining study visits you complete. You can receive up to $50 for completing each of the 4 at-home research periods.

Total possible compensation for participation in this study (across approximately 19 months) is $550 cash.
Mariann Howland or Amanda Appel