Emotions and pregnancy study

HS 2002-2316
Pregnancy, OB-GYN
Pathik Wadhwa, MD, PhD
City Tower Research Suite across from UC Irvine Medical Center, Orange.
A study of how thoughts and feelings influence biological processes during pregnancy.
Healthy English speaking pregnant women ages 18-45. Pregnant women expecting a single baby (no twins).
During four consecutive days during normal daily life, eligible participants will wear a light weight “actiheart” device (either on a chest band or two adhesive pads) that records heart rate and activity. Participants will also carry a smart phone that will signal them to answer some questions once per hour during waking hours (each survey takes between 2-3 minutes to complete) and collect several saliva samples on each of the four days. There will be two lab sessions, one before the four-day data collection period where participants provide a blood and hair sample, complete questionnaires/neuropsychological tasks, and are trained to collect data at home. In the second lab session, after the four-day at home period, participants will provide a fasting blood sample, urine sample, and cervicovaginal swabs. At this follow-up lab visit, a light breakfast will be provided prior to the final few assessments; ultrasound, and anthropometric measurements. The lab visits will take place at the City Tower research suite across from the UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange, CA. The first lab visit will take approximately 2.5 hours and the follow-up session after the 4-day sequence will take about 1 hour to complete.
There are no direct benefits of participating in this study. The results of this research and knowledge gained from it may help doctors and other healthcare providers identify and understand the role of various factors in maternal and child health, and thus help promote better health and well being for future mothers and children.
Compensation includes $240 for the study and up to an additional $40/day incentive to be earned on each of the four at-home data collection days for complete data.
Everlyne Gomez