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How clinical trials help cancer patients

September 21, 2017 | UC Irvine Health

Clinical trials test new medical treatments, conducted in the quest to develop more effective ways to treat or even cure diseases. What makes them...

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HPV and its link to several cancers

August 29, 2017 | UC Irvine Health

Once associated only with cervical cancer, the human papillomavirus (HPV) now is linked to throat cancers and other cancers in both men and women....

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Blockage and prostate cancer treatment a team effort

August 24, 2017 | UC Irvine Health

Tony Mastrangelo keeps himself fit and has enjoyed good health overall except for some asthmatic allergies. But when real trouble came, it came...

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How a dream becomes a center for healing

August 03, 2017 | Kenneth Chang, MD

As the expanded H.H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center readies to open its doors, director Dr. Kenneth Chang reflects on why he became a...

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How HIPEC improved a cancer patient’s odds

July 11, 2017 | UC Irvine Health

Things looked bleak when Debra Baker sat down at UC Irvine Medical Center with Dr. Alessio Pigazzi in 2015. But her life-threatening disease was...

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Recovery from a rare disease, thanks to blood donors

July 06, 2017 | Lindsay Carrillo

A rare blood disease landed Vivian Nguyen in the hospital unexpectedly. The generosity of blood donors and the expertise of UC Irvine Health...

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