Red wine and chocolate

Chocolate and wine — good for the heart?

February 11, 2016 | Kristina Lindgren

Confused about the health benefits of chocolate and red wine? Cardiologist Dr. Ailin Barseghian El-Farra sets the record straight. Read More

Urgent care service

Emergency room or urgent care?

March 05, 2015 | Heather Shannon

It’s Friday night. While you chop an onion, your extra-sharp knife slips and now you have a nasty wound that’s bleeding profusely. You need some help soon, but you’re unsure of where to go for assistance. Is this is a problem for the emergency room or urgent care? Read More

Holding a cellphone

Did my cellphone cause my brain tumor?

September 04, 2015 | Jose Carrillo, MD

While we may not always be able to pinpoint the exact cause of your brain tumor, it almost certainly wasn’t your cellphone. Read More